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Algemene Voorwaarden

The products on this website are represented by Van Dorp Trading VOF as the official representative as sole distributor.

Shipping & Delivery, Warranty
 Ordered products are delivered to the buyer as soon as possible , but the specified delivery times are indicative only. Exceeding of delivery does not entitle the buyer to claim damages.
 Delayed delivery does not give the right to cancel or terminate , unless the delay in delivery is such that the buyer can not reasonably be required to maintain the agreement. Agreement, Buyer is then entitled to cancel or terminate to the extent necessary.

When determining damage on receipt, via courier UPS or GLS, buyer should inform Van Dorp Trading VOF this by return, you can use the contact website pages. All the pieces  need to be kept by the buyer as the damaged pieces / products and associated packaging such as boxes and inner packaging. Without these documents, the courier can not determine any damage report and without this the courier will not accept liability . If one of the pieces are missing , you expressly not entitled to compensation because Van Dorp Trading VOF could no thorough investigation can be carried out concerning the damage caused and the reason thereof.

all products delivers through this website has the standard warranty is extended to both the manufacturer's warranty , if applicable. Demonstration models reduced warranty can apply this product as either hand used and sold. Such products are placed are listed with a lower price and and mentioned with the leadtime for a warranty. Upon acceptance of the product or purchase buyer accept this condition.

On cleaning or maintenance work as well as repairs due to lightning, water or moisture damage, is not covered by warranty. Van Dorp Trading VOF is not obliged to rectify as long as the customer is in default regarding any performance. shippingcost is mentioned in Your checkout for Your country and depends on the kind of products are ordered. Van Dorp Trading VOF always tries to get the best rates. Orders above 250 euro are mostly send free or with less shippingcost. Bundled ordered products for the less expensive products are exepted from this.

warranty is normal standard legal warranty. In case of any warranty issues, You pay shipping to us, and we pay shipping back, unless no fault is found. In that case you pay shipping both ways.

For warranty issues, we try to let you know within 5 workingdays what the problem is with your device. So please take in mind that we need 5 workingdays to inform you about the problem, respect this leadtime. In case there is a problem we can repair we try to do this within 14 days after we received the product back. In case its a DOA (Dead on arrival) and we also can confirm this we will send a new one to your adress. For warranty customer must send an invoice as proof customer did purchase from us. Without invoice its not possible to service the customer for any warranty issues. 

In case something is missing in your shipping, you must let is know within 7 days after receiving the product. When we dont get any notice within this period, we are not bound to send you the missing products. We want to serve you in any way we can but as customer you also bound to inform us intime. When you dont take any action on this or make a note too late we cant check it anymore.

Shipping dates when shipped? Just click on the product pages and you see stock status mentioned under the price. What is expected stock? well there is simply no stock at the moment but we expect new stock at the date mentioned. Its not  a hard date you can derive rights from. Also the expected shipping dates are not guaranteed, we do our best to ship, but there can always be a delay when its busy. Do you want to wait when its on stock stock than you can do that also.
Privacy & Security
Van Dorp Trading VOF respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information that buyer will be treated confidentially. We use the information from buyer to process orders as quickly and easily as possible to proceed. For the rest, we will use this information only with the consent of the buyer. Van Dorp Trading VOF will not sell personal information of the buyer to third parties and will only make available to third parties involved in the execution of the order placed by the buyer.
The transmission of personal offers, newsletters and / or advertising material by Van Dorp Trading VOF just happens and has given, on Buyer's only permission.
Returns & Replacements
All sales are covered under European Law, which means a customer can send back a product within a 2 weeks period. In this period, a so called cooling off period, the customer can send the product back. We advise to send the item back with insured packaging where upond delivery the receiver must sign for it. Van Dorp Trading VOF is not responsible for any lost packages. In the so called cooling off period, a product can't be used in a normal way, since than the product is bought by the customer and there is no return possible. If a product is send back in the 2 weeks leadtime (from the day the product is delivered at the adress from the customer) Van Dorp Trading VOF will inspect the product. Any damages on the product will be deducted from the total amount which customer will receive back. If there are any damages or glue etc on it, than there will be send a report first to the customer. The refund to the customer will be done within 2 weeks after receiving the product.

Charges or shipping for sending products back in return  are not covered by warranty unless Van Dorp Trading VOF will mention themself the cost are covered.  In case your returncost are covered than we ask for a receipt of your shippingcost and pay back the shippingcost on your account. You need an Return number and authorisation to send items back, also you will get our adress in that case for shipping back. You can't use the adress on our website. If you do, we are not reliable for any extra cost that comes out of this or when any shipment is lost.
We have the right to change the prices and supply, especially when this is necessary due to (legal) regulations. An agreement is only final after we accepted the order placed by the buyer. We have the right to refuse or to attach certain conditions to the delivery, unless expressly stated otherwise. If an order is not accepted, this will be stated within 5 days or later when you know a product is on backorder (than it depends on the fact we could deliver or not).All prices are mentioned before check-out and also mentioned including VAT and shippingcost. 

Stock status, Just click on the product pages and you see stock status mentioned under the price. What is expected stock? well there is simply no stock at the moment but we expect new stock at the date mentioned. Its not  a hard date you can derive rights from. Do you want to wait when its on stock stock than you can do that also.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions
The prices for the products and services are listed in Euros, including VAT. If there are shippingcost, this will be stated at the checkout, so a customer must agree before buying. All prices are subject to change. Payment must be made without discount or compensation prior to delivery or upon delivery of the goods , unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If the Buyer is in default with the payment of outstanding claims we will refuse any new orders as long the outstanding claim is still open. We are entitled to suspend or dissolve the agreement. We are entitled to make use of third parties in use in the collection of claims.

Shipments that are returned after acceptance the amount will be credited back usually within 5 working days but at the most within 14 days to the account of the buyer. Buyer agrees to that period when making a purchase on this website. This return payment shall also be applied
in the case the customer decides to return his money back before shipment went out.

The refund to a customer will be made back on the same way the customer paid. You cant send an new bankaccount unless the one on which you paid is deleted. For example when you pay with paypal the funds for refund will be made on your paypal account. Always in the same currency on which you paid us and the same amount on which you paid us. We are not reliable for any losses in this. In case we have to give a refund and a customer paid with another currency, we are not reliable for losses. We pay you back the same currency as we received and the same amount that we received.

In case a paypal payment is choosen and a backorder is more than 60 days, we need to refund you within 60 days. We cant keep payments open longer than 60 days. if you pay through normal banktransfer, Ideal, Bancontact or Giropay than this is no problem and it can stay open longer and we can give you a refund at any time.
Viewing Orders
Customer can log-in with his private username and password. In the private area a customer can always see the status of the order and shipment.
Updating Account Information
Customer can log-in with his private username and password. In the private area a customer can change his personal data, such as name and adress.