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28/29 oct some new stock Magni/Modi will be available for order. We don't have a new date yet for new other stock (please dont ask for it, we mention on our website product pages once we know it). If you want to receive an email once its on stock, just send an email to and for which product. 

Contact page is not working properly, please send for this moment your query to

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Schiit-Audio Europe Faq

- Are you official Europe Schiit distributor?

Yes we are, we are the first and official Europe distributor ( and we supply all products with official warranty etc. 

- From where do you Ship?

Shipping is from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands Europe, so no duties to pay for you!!

- to which country do you ship?

Within Europe, that means country that dont need export documents. Country that are negoating EU about joining the European Union are not included.

- How much is shippingcost?

Products are shipped for best prices we can provide, probably the lowest shipping you get in Europe for Schiit.....Shippingcost are calculated automatically in checkout.
Shippingcost examples:

Germany: 8 euro untill 400 euro order, above free shipping
Denmark: 10 euro untill 350 euro order, above free shipping 
France: 15 euro untill 800 euro order, above free shipping
Finland 15 euro flat rate shipping

For Island shipping please contact us, like Spain or France Islands since shipping is calculuated directly through email. There is a flat rate shipping extra cost of 25 euro for Islands. 

- Can you ship to a Po-box

no we ship insured and to a person who has to sign for it. Also packingstations are not possible.

- When do you ship?

Just click on the product pages and you see stock status mentioned under the price and when we ship. When to expect new if its sold out? we expect new stock at the date mentioned, so you can order today but shipping is scheduled on the date that is mentioned. Its not  a hard date you can derive rights from. Also the expected shipping dates are not guaranteed, we do our best to ship, but there can always be a delay when its busy. Do you want to wait when its on stock stock than you can do that also. In case we need to ask more information about your adress since its not clear to us what you filled in at the order, than the expected shipping dates are not valid anymore. In that case we need to wait on your information and after that we can book your shipment. At times we can also offer non-standard finishes such as a black finish or with a different tube. On these options you have to take into account that they cannot be guaranteed in any way on shipping and availibility (this is mentioned as pre-order on stock status, if there is a shipping date than its available from immediate available stock). An order will only be shipped once all products are available for shipment. When customer choose standard banktransfer, the shipping dates can be later since we first need to receive the banktransfer on our bankaccount. The bankpayment needs to be processed within 10 workdays after customer placed the order. No payment received than we need to cancel the order. 

- Place order when not on stock? (pre-order)

We receive a lot of questions if there can be placed an pre-order. If we opened this, you must be aware that the expected date of shipment is not fixed and can be extended in case  production lasts longer than expected etc. On the website at product page itself the most recent status will be uploaded. Customer can check on the product page for an update. Once we have a guaranteed date we try to inform customers. We will not send every few days an update therefore we change the status on our website (at product page itsef), customers can always send email to us and we are more than happy to give an update on their order.  An order will only be shipped once all products are available for shipment. Placing an order customer agree with this. If customer dont want to wait longer, just send an email that you want to cancel the order and get a refund, this is mostly done same day but max in 2-3 workdays.

- What is the Voltage of the products?

We deliver EU Euro 220-240V products that are used in Europe, so no USA or UK plugs. For products like Modi, Magni etc, where there is an adapter, you will receive offcourse an Euro adapter, so all products are ready and go for Europe network. If you are UK customer than contact your local distributor so you would be supplied UK versions.

- Why are the prices lower on ?

Simply our prices are not higher, in fact in some cases our prices are lower than The prices on are for countries where there is no distributor. A customer from such a country needs transportation to their country of origin and customs clearance rights and pay their own taxes. In countries where there is a Schiit distributor, these costs are already covered. Just see the calculation for one of the products as example below. For a calculation that our prices are not higher please look further below. 

- What is stock for products?

Just click on the product pages and you see stock status mentioned under the price. What is expected stock date? well there is simply no stock at the moment but we expect new stock at the date mentioned. Its not  a hard date you can derive rights from. If you place an order you confirm the fact that there is no stock at the moment and its possible the expected date for stock will be later than expected. For new launched products, there are a lot of customers that wants to place a pre-order, so this date is certainly a rough estimate, which can take a few weeks longer. In case you have placed an order and decide it takes too long, just ask for a refund any time and we refund your order without any cost offcourse. Or be certain and ust wait untill there is stock mentioned on the website, that is very easy. Also the expected shipping dates for stocked products are not guaranteed, we do our best to ship, but there can always be a delay for 1-2 days when its very busy. 

- When I place order I did not get any confirmation?

Yes when you place order you get a confirmation. In case you will not see it, please check your spamfilter, perhaps its in your unwanted emailmap. If not please contact us with your name and what you ordered so we can send a copy to you. With Banktransfer IBAN/BIC (bankuberweising) you pay yourself the money through your bank and need to mention the ordernumber from the orderconfirmation.

- when do you ship with standard banktransfer?

we ship it 2-3 workdays after the bankconfirmation. 

- is the price of the USD mark just set into EURO ?

Simply NO, because we can be brief about this, this is not the case , in fact you 're even cheaper in the event you could order directly. Below is an explanation :

On the website indicates that taxes etc, must be paid for the account of the customer. Let me just take one example,  the Magni and Modi:

Schiit price 99 USD + 42 USD minimum postage = 130 euros (converted exchange rate 1.08) x 21 % VAT = 157 Euro (you also have to import duties which is different per country but between 10-15 euro) price is 135 euros , so you can see that our price is not a Shit price but only a Schiit price ;-)  and is 22 euro less expensive. 

In the above calculation, there is also no account of customs clearance and handling that you have to pay the postal or courier company since they will pay in advance the VAT etc for your account. Which ranges between 10 to 30 euros and thus has the advantage soon will be 37 to 50 euros total.

The prices that we have put down are also guideline prices set by Schiit. Moreover, prices in other countries where a Schiite distributor is can be higher or perhaps a bit lower, due to local exchange rates and VAT.

- Do I need to pay import taxes etc ?

No you don't. Since the products are already in the EU, you don't need to pay any taxes for import or duties, because we already paid them for you;-)

- Price Magni and Modi calculation ...

Schiit price 99 USD + 42 USD minimum postage = 128 euros (converted exchange rate 1.10) x 21 % VAT = 155 Euro (you also have to import duties which is different per country but between 10-15 euro) price is 129 euros , so you can see that our price is not a Shit price but only a Schiit price ;-) 

- Did you invent the calculations yourself or can I find it anywhere?

no, this can be simply retrieved from the Tax agencys

customers who say, "yes, but below a certain amount I pay no tax , etc". That's right, but the order must be a value less than 22 euros. In addition to 150 euros and you pay sales tax and over 150 euros will be used to pay customs duty .

- How soon will you reply my email?

We always try to answer within 24 hours, but if you dont hear anything after 3 workingdays, than send an email again. But please be patient, dont send an second email before this has expired. Its very busy sometimes and we do our best. Also please dont contact Schiit USA since they dont know anything about your order in case you have one open at our website.

- Is black finish the same as silver?

The black products always come with matte grey knobs and buttons.  The silver knobs are only with the silver product.

- Warranty , where should I go ?

You buy your product at and warranty is therefore settled in accordance with Dutch consumer law. Your benefit, not weeks lost and high costs to send and return from the USA if a defect might occur to your product. Sonority will handle your warranty issues. 

- Returns

You must always ask first approval from us to send an product back within 14 days after its delivered at your adress (B2B orders where we make ex vat orders dont have the 14 day return policy, all sales are final). In this case we know what to expect and can track it also, so an package is not lost. Also in some cases you are not allowed to send it back without to be sure there are cost that you have to pay and for which we want to be sure you agree in advance. See also more about this part in our General terms, if you dont follow this you have no rights to claim anything. After approval you will receive a return from, with the adress to send your package. After we receive the package we try to contact you within 5 workingdays in case something is missing or damaged. In case you have returned the products and all is in good condition we will return your money to your bankaccount within 2 weeks period. Please take in mind, you need first an confirmation before you send your product in return. Returns must be shipped within 2 weeks to the adress that you receive with return instructions after approval, otherwise you will need to ask again for return approval. If a package is lost and not delivered out our adress in the return instructions that you receive by email, the customer is fully responsible. Returning products should never been send to our PO Box. In case the product is defect at receiving your new product, we pay shippingcost for the return shipment when we also could objectively find out ourself its defect. In this case we ask proof of your shippingcost and pay this back on your account. For the height of shippingcost and that we pay that in case you have a valid return, please read our General terms on which procedure you have to follow to avoid high shippingcost for both parties. When you dont follow this, you will not be refunded all shippingcost you have to make. For damaged returns that are send by customer to us (returns, repairs or uprades) see our General terms and conditions). Also you can find more info for B2B orders.

- Return Policy

If wear or damage has occurred to the product or its packaging and therefore declined in value, then we are entitled to offset the damage with the refunded amount. This damage must have arisen because the consumer has done more for the product than is needed to assess whether he wants to keep it and to check the main features. Unnecessary rupture or packaging is missing in the return.

Nederlandse klanten lees hier meer informatie:

 - Warranty

in case your product is defect, please send us an email with your problem and your ordernumber and you receive instructions with the repair adress. Who pays shipping if I need warranty service? You pay shipping to us and we pay shipping back, unless no fault is found. In that case you pay shipping both ways. See more info our Returns/Warranty page.When you send a repair, we dont need official documents like invoice, cables or tubes. In case this is still send to us, than we are not reliable in case this will be missing.When you send a repair, we dont need official documents like invoice, cables or tubes. In case this is still send to us, than we are not reliable in case this will be missing.

- Upgrade service

You will get instructions once the order is placed. Customer pays the shipping on the order so he can benefit from our low price for shipping, that is for the return shipping once we are ready with the upgrade. Customer is also responsible for the shipment to send in your Bifrost, Gungnir, Yggy etc. We advise to use insured shipping and if available proper packaging (the original packaging is the best, like you received it at delivery from your order). Can you upgrade my product any sooner than 14 days? no, we dont guarantee that, since we have a que or repairs or upgrade and our tech guys are busy with this que first. We cant place you ahead of customers that were sooner than you. 

- What means your design architecture

an architecture that is direct as possible for the audio signal. On the Schiit side, we've  take innovative and if possible  a design architecture that is as direct as possible for the audio signal, this approaches, are each uniquely designed for the task at hand. No unnecessary components will be added to the design that stands in the way of a signal that is as direct as possible. Even our least expensive headphone amplifier is essentially a miniature, fully discrete, DC coupled, current-feedback pow