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28/29 oct some new stock Magni/Modi will be available for order. We don't have a new date yet for new other stock (please dont ask for it, we mention on our website product pages once we know it). If you want to receive an email once its on stock, just send an email to and for which product. 

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PYST USB (piece)

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€ 22,00

Will be shipped woensdag, november 4 when ordered within 22 hours and 41 minutes!



PYST was the god of drinking in Norse mythology. He’d be much better-known if he wasn’t getting schiit-faced all the time. Or, well, not really. PYST stands for Put Your Schiit Together, a set of short cables that make stacking your DAC and amp easy.
Beyond Just Technology: SuperUltraHyperTechnology
PYST cables are made from only the finest 6-nines Unobtanium™ alloy, molecularly assembled in our Alternate Universe™ reality-distortion tesseract field , using a secret geometry reverse-engineered from crashed UFOs, painstakingly smuggled out of Area 51 by deep-cover operatives. Performance is further enhanced by the use of a QuantConnect™ quantum-entangled pair of transmission interfaces, held at absolute zero by our exclusive Stasis Field™ technology. The cables are then wrapped in NanoAeroCap™, a nanotechnology-enabled aerogel anti-capacitance insulation system, featuring Fractal Interleaved Geometry™ to create negative inductance for maximum audio transmission quality.
Or, er, well . . . again, no. These are nice, high-quality cables, with solid, reliable connectors. That’s it. Hope you like them!
PYST cables come in three flavors:
RCA PYST. The RCA Pysts are about 6" long, excluding connectors. They're ideal for, say, stacking a Bifrost and Asgard 2. Please note the dimensions. That's 6 inches. Not feet. And not none of that fancy metric stuff, we're dumb Americans here.
XLR PYST. These are balanced XLR-terminated connectors for stacking, say, a Mjolnir and Gungnir. The balanced XLR Pysts are about 9" long, excluding connectors. Same dimensional disambiguation applies.
USB PYST. This is the complete redefinition of USB cables. It actually, physically transports you* into an alternate universe where superbly-mastered, 24/192 music streams 24/7, free of charge to all listeners, for all genres. Supermodels in this alternate world are all deeply into high-end audio, and will beg to go out with you. Butterflies swirl in fantastic colors over clean-lined porcelain cityscapes, everyone is a millionaire, and flying cars run on air. It's a beautiful place to be! 
*Or not. It may have been a hallucination. USB PYSTs are actually just nice, 1M long, USB 2.0-rated cables that have thicker than normal power conductors and silver-plated copper data lines. We think the electrons like silver better, or something. Or not. 
In any case, you can get PYST, or you can save some money at Monoprice.

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PYST USB (piece)

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