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6 december 2018
Mani available for order...
Product out of stock and you want an update when its available for order? just send an email and we put you on the list...

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Schiit Lisst Tubes 1 piece

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€ 60,00

Will be shipped maandag, december 17 when ordered within 17 hours and 10 minutes!



Have you ever wanted a solid-state Lyr 2? Or a Lyr? Or did you start with Mjolnir 2 and tubes, and want to try solid state? Then a pair of Schiit Noval LISST (linear, integrated solid-state tube) is what you need. Just plug a pair of these small metal cans into the tube sockets, and you have a solid-state amplifier, with zero concerns about tube life and tube variability. 

Sounds Just Like Tubes! Or Not.
Solid-state tube replacements aren’t a new idea. However, most of them go on and on about how they sound “just like tubes.” We’re not going to say that. We will say that they sound very good. We will also say they have lower distortion than tubes, though with a similar overall profile. Beyond that, it’s up to your own perceptions.
Cool Running, Long Life
LISST run cooler than tubes, since they don’t need a heater connection. This isn’t to say they run cold, though—the cans run plenty warm. Also, since they’re solid-state devices, they have very, very long lifespan, unlike tubes.

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Schiit Lisst Tubes 1 piece

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