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28/29 oct some new stock Magni/Modi will be available for order. We don't have a new date yet for new other stock (please dont ask for it, we mention on our website product pages once we know it). If you want to receive an email once its on stock, just send an email to and for which product. 

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Yggdrasil Analog 2 upgrade

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€ 569,00

Beschikbaarheid: new stock date not clear yet


Bring your older Yggdrasil up to full Yggdrasil Analog 2 specification with this analog board upgrade. Includes (2) Yggdrasil Analog 2 output cards, and firmware update for the DSP board.

Due to the need for firmware and hardware updates, this upgrade must be done by Schiit Europe self. Because of this, there is no self-install option, sorry. Yggdrasil Analog 1 cards will not be returned from this upgrade.
Schiit Scheduling System Reduces Upgrade Time
We've provided a convenient scheduling system that allows you to keep your Yggdrasil until we’re ready to upgrade it. Just place your order, and follow the steps in the email you receive. You’ll be notified when your order is accepted, when to send in your DAC, when the work is performed, and when it’s shipped back to you, for complete transparency. At the order is a shippingrate charged for the return shipment, so when we are done with the upgrade to send it back to your home. We charge the absolute minimum, what the shipping company charge us for the return shipment. The buyer is also responsible to ship it to us, we advise to ship it insured and tracked, but that is the buyers choice. In case a package is lost or damaged, you must claim this at your shipping company.
2-Year Warranty, Made in USA
Yggdrasil Analog 2 upgrades are covered by a 2-year warranty or the balance of the original factory warranty, whichever is greater. For factory-installed upgrades on out-of-warranty products, this re-activates the warranty on the complete product for 2 years. One caveat: Schiit may refuse to do upgrades on heavily modified products. Schiit-installed upgrades cannot be returned. And, like all Schiit products, the Yggdrasil Analog 2 boards are made in the USA. 

Products that are excluded to return within the 14 day legal cooling off period are upgrades that are done on second hand products and send by the customer to Van Dorp Trading VOF. This is upgrade is done on specifications of the buyer. We provide a service to the customer and the right of return policy is excluded. When customer order the upgrade service on this website customer agree with the direct delivery of this service and thus renounce the right of withdrawal. Customer  is responsible for the shipment to to Sonority, we dont offer services for pick up or send it on our cost. We advise to ship with insurance and well packed, preferable the original packaging if still available. 
After placing the order, you will receive within 5 workdays an upgrade form to send in your Yggdrasil. Once we received your shipment the upgrade is done within 14 days and shipped back to your adress. 
**Please note this upgrade does NOT include the USB Gen 5 input, so if you want that upgrade as well, you'll need to order both upgrades. Also the old board that is replaced with Analog 2 board, will not be returned and this board is exchanged with the new board. Customer agree with the order that the old board will be become property of Sonority

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Yggdrasil Analog 2 upgrade

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Color / Finish Nee
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