About Us

About Schiit

Schiit got started when two audio Industry veterans decided it was time to shake things up a bit. The two audiophiles are Jason Stoddard, formerly of Sumo, and Mike Moffat, formerly of Theta. Together, they have designed dozens of audio and A/V products, from the Andromeda III tot the Cobalt 307 to the DS pre and Angstrom 2000. In the beginning Schiit was sold mainly in the USA but it soon started to sell all over the world, because of the banging good Schiit that you receive for your money. All the fantastic reviews on the biggest hifi websites took all the attention of customers worldwide and Schiit is now one of the most populair brands in this segment.

So What Makes Your Products Special?

Mike Moffat separately aligns each molecule of every JFET, using a special Absolute Zero containment suit…er, well, no. What makes them special are three things:

Simple, Discrete Circuit Topologies

Almost everything we make uses simple, discrete design on the analog side, and innovative bitperfect management systems on the digital side to avoid asynchronous sample rate conversion. We use Class A designs where practical and single gain stages when possible. We typically don’t use op-amps, integrated or discrete (well, except as DC servos, and in Modi.)

Designed for the Real world

The real world is a complex place. That’s why we design both with advanced instrumentation (specifically, two Stanford Research SR1 audio analyzers, one kitted out with their ultra-low-jitter reference and analysis tools) as well as listening tests with a wide variety of today’s popular headphones (and, on the DAC side, high-power amplifiers from a respected audio manufacturer and a highly resolving planar loudspeaker system.)

Built to Last—But Sensibly Priced

All of our products are overbuilt. They’re intended to be something you can pass down to your children. That’s why we back them with a full 5-year warranty. But, at the same time, our stuff is affordable, because we’ve taken great pains to make it easy to manufacture—so easy, we can make Schiit in the USA for prices similar to Chinese products.

So, why don’t you check out our Schiit?To all of you, from all of us by Sonority Audio Import - Thank you for shopping!