Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The products on this website are represented by Sonority-Audio as the official representative and sole distributor for Schiit.

Privacy & Security
Sonority-Audio respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information that buyer will be treated confidentially. We use the information from buyer to process orders as quickly and easily as possible to proceedFor the rest, we will use this information only with the consent of the buyer. Sonority-Audio will not sell personal information of the buyer to third parties and will only make available to third parties involved in the execution of the order placed by the buyer.
The transmission of personal offersnewsletters and / or advertising material by Sonority-Audio just happens and has given, on Buyer‘s only permission.

Shipping & Delivery, Warranty
Ordered products are delivered to the buyer as soon as possible , but the specified delivery times are indicative only. Exceeding of delivery does not entitle the buyer to claim damages. All terms are covered under European Dutch Law. When customer choose standard banktransfer, the shipping dates can be later since we first need to receive the banktransfer on our bankaccount. The bankpayment needs to be processed within 10 workdays after customer placed the order. No payment received than we need to cancel the order. Delayed delivery does not give the right to cancel or terminate , unless the delay in delivery is such that the buyer can not reasonably be required to maintain the agreement. Agreement, Buyer is then entitled to cancel or terminate to the extent necessary. 

When determining damage on receipt, via courier DHL, DPD etc, buyer should inform Sonority-Audio this by return and make a note at the courier at delivery,  you can use the contact website pages to contact us. When no damage is visible on the outside package but product inside is damaged than this must be reported assap, but not later than 5 workdays after receiving the product. All the pieces  need to be kept by the buyer as the damaged pieces / products and associated packaging such as boxes and inner packaging. Without these documents, the courier can not determine any damage report and without this the courier will not accept liability . If one of the pieces are missing , you expressly not entitled to compensation because Sonority-Audio could no thorough investigation can be carried out concerning the damage caused and the reason thereof. Products that are shipped can be traced through GLS or DHL for 8-10 weeks. In case customer makes a claim after 2 months after shipment, shipping number is uploaded in the order, than this number is proof of shipment and also confirmation of delivery at customers adress. Customer must make a claim in time after shipment that there is not any delivery so we can claim it as well in time at our shipping company. In case customers does not follow this than customer will loose any right for lost shipments and it’s determined as delivered. Nowadays to make it more easy, shipping company also provide the option to make changes in the delivery, for example a customer can choose to drop it in an open shed or next to the house, in the back of the garden or next to a large trash can in the yard. If a customer chooses this, the customer runs the risk that a package is visible from the road to other people and theft. Damage can also occur due to the weather. Sonority (Schiit Europe) is in no way responsible for this as this is a customer’s choice. The carrier’s terms and conditions also state that if you opt for a drop permission at the location specified by you, the carrier is in no way responsible for theft/damage. If you do not want to run any risk, our simple advise to only make the delivery into your own hands and not to opt for such a drop permission. If you are not at home, simply have the package delivered to a parcel shop near you. Again, if you choose to drop the package somewhere around your home and the package is lost, Sonority will not be held responsible in any way.

All products delivers through this website to end-consumers has the standard 2 years warranty and could be extended if a manufacturer’s warranty is applicable (mentioned on the product page).  Sonority Audio is not responsible in case Schiit USA dont offer any extended warranty manufactory after 2 years. Products are made from Brushed Alu are manufactured by hand and there can be some minor spots in the Brushed alu, which are not registered as flaws. In case you don’t like this you can send it back within the 14 days return policy, but these returns are not valid returns where Sonority-Audio is obligated to pay the return cost as defective products. Demonstration models can be offered with reduced warranty as either hand used. Such products are listed with a lower price and mentioned with the leadtime for a warranty. Upon acceptance of the product or purchase buyer accept this condition. B2B (business 2 business) warranty is not covered under consumer law and there is a 1 year standard warranty applicable unless mentioned otherwise. In B2B shippingcost is not covered in any way but always customers responsibility, also the return shipping after repair. A B2B order is applicable when the Invoice/order is filled in as registration for a Business company.

On cleaning or maintenance work as well as repairs due to lightning, water or moisture damage, is not covered by warranty. Sonority-Audio is not obliged to rectify as long as the customer is in default regarding any performance. shippingcost is mentioned in Your checkout for Your country and depends on the kind of products are ordered. Sonority-Audio always tries to get the best rates. 

Warranty is normal standard legal warranty 2 years and for accessories its 6 months like adapters/wallwarts, tubes is 3 months. So in general 2 years warranty that covers parts and labor and for some products there is a manufactory warranty that covers parts up to 5 years, which is mentioned on the product page itself. The extended warranty for parts after 2 years the decision is by Schiit USA if this is covered. If so, Sonority Audio will not charge anything for the parts, only the labor cost is charged and shippingcost. In case Sonority Audio needs to ship the product to USA for inspection or repair the customer will be charged the shippingcost to ship it to the USA. Sonority is not liable for these shippingcost when the 2 years warranty is expired, Sonority only handle the 5 years manufacturer warranty for the customer but Sonority is not is not liable for this extra manufacturer warranty and does not grant this 5 year warranty itself. If parts are facilitated by the manufacturer in Europe, Sonority can perform a repair quickly and save these additional shipping costs to the USA. Schiit USA decides for itself whether they send parts to Europe and if Sonority is supported to handle this for the customer. Sonority will first inform the customer of the amount of the shipping costs so that the customer can decide for himself whether he wants Sonority to ship the device to the USA on behalf of the customer. If for some reason Schiit USA does not provide a warranty beyond the 2 year legal term, then Sonority is not liable in any way.

In case of any repair within 2 year warranty, we pay for shipping, unless no defect is found. In that case you pay shipping both ways. In case there is a defect and we pay the return shippingcost, it must always be confirmed that your shippingcost that you make is agreed in advance (so before you ship it as return or make any cost) for height of the shippingcost. In case the shippingcost you are charged by the shipping company is found too high by us, we let it pick up by GLS, DHL or DPD to avoid high return shippingcost. We will refund the shippingcost in case its under warranty in 2 weeks after we received the product at our warehouse or agreed upon with the customer. When we pick it up and help you as service, the responsibility of the shipment remains with the buyer in case a package is lost or damaged. If you use our return shippinglabel with DPD and Postreturn Easy than its covered for 500 insurance. After all, we help you to generate a lower shipping costs, but in a single case a package is lost or damaged still responsible for the return shipment and agree on this in advance. Once again, customer will not be relieved of his risk and duty for the return shipment of the package if we have picked it up, this is an agreement between Sonority and buyer and customer when accepting the General terms. B2B (business 2 business) warranty is not covered under consumer law and is 1 year unless mentioned otherwise. In B2B shippingcost is not covered but always customers responsibility, also the return shipping after repair.

In case its shipped back without our confirmation for your cost, we only refund our standard shippingcost as we had to make when we did pick up. If you paid 0 euro for shipping at your order, we also advise to contact us about our shippingcost for pick up so you can check our pick up cost and your shippingcost locally, so we can avoid high shippingcost. In case you have a valid return, than we dont refund the shippingcost if you did not informed us about your shippingcost, just to avoid higher cost than necessary. So again, if you have a valid return than we only refund your shippingcost in case we had the chance to decide if we do pick up or use your shipping, so we can choose the best shipping for us. In case customer choose that we provide a return shippinglabel, than customer agree on the shippingcost on the return page. This amount will be deducted from the total refund or will be charged seperately before any refund is given.

Any extra shippingcost is not covered when bought in Belgium for example and now you live in France. In case a product is send for warranty and after inspection we find out there is no defect, we charge 30 euro inspection cost for labour. The shippingcost for return are also charged. When products are second hand so bought from the first customer we dont provide shippingcost in any way under warranty. The agreement is made with the initial customer mentioned on the invoice. So when a product is sold to another owner, warranty is not handed over to the second owner. Also the manufactory warranty is only covered for the first owner. We will do service for second-hand purchases, however there is a charge for those services since the warranty does not transfer to second owners. This charge will be quoted to the customer by email. When legal 2 years warranty is expired, there can be a manufactory warranty applied for some products that will extend this 2 year warranty.  When covered there will only be parts covered (not labor and shippingcost). If this extended Schiit USA manufactory warranty for parts is covered this will be mentioned at the product pages. Sonority cant be held reliable more than the legal warranty for 2 years (accessoires as mentioned earlier on this page), we only service the manufactory warranty as long we represent the brand as distributor and this warranty period can be less than the 5 years since the extended period is a decision from the Manufactory Schiit USA. In case Schiit USA does not have parts available after the 2 years legal period and a repair cant be done within the 5 years time period from date of purchase, Sonority cant be held reliable for this. Sonority only acts as an intermediary to carry out the repair for you and to request the parts from Schiit usa. Sonority is only liable for the legal 2 year warranty. it is always possible that parts are not available due to market conditions, even though the 5 years have not yet expired. The 5 year factory warranty is not offered by sonority as such that sonority can be held responsible for this. Labor and shipping in both ways are always paid by customer in this case. Warranty on repairs and labour is 1 month. Extra cost that are not included in parts and labour, can be charged on the customer. A business B2B customers is always responsible for shipping.

For warranty issues, we try to handle this within 14 days. So please take in mind that we need at least this time to inform you about the problem, respect this leadtime. When you send a repair, we don’t need cables or tubes. In case this is still send to us, than we are not reliable if this will be missing. In case its a DOA (Dead on arrival) and we also can confirm a DOA we will send a new product to your adress. For warranty customer must send an invoice as proof customer did the purchase from us. Without invoice its not possible to service the customer for any warranty issues. For products that are opened by customers warranty will be expired immediately (ESD risk). Only our tech repair can service the products so warranty will stay valid. In case a warranty is valid, its possible that we pay your shippingcost, but always in confirmation before its shipped to us for warranty/repair. After 2 years legal period, the shippingcost is not covered anymore, only parts and labour can be covered, customer will pay 2 ways shipping and we will charge the return cost before we ship it back to you. In case a warranty or repair is handled any original parts that are changed will not be returned to the customer to avoid getting defective products in circulation. 

In case something is missing in your shipping, you must let is know within 7 days after receiving the product. When we don’t get any notice within this period, we are not bound to send you the missing products. We want to serve you in any way we can but as customer you also bound to inform us on time. When you don’t take any action on this or make a note too late we cant check it anymore. In case of damaged products you must also let us know within 7 days so you are entitled to receive another product. Also in case there is damage to the product at delivery you must note this to the delivery person from the shipping company. You must open it together to see if there is a damaged shipment or the shipping company must make a note that you have received the package with a damaged box, so in case there is a damaged product we can claim this at the shipping company. Failure of following this, than you will loose a claim to get new products. When a customer is claiming warranty, the product must be send back to us in the original box with Styro foam inside. This original packaging is designed for the specific product and and can absorb fall damage and shocks. If a customer returns a product in a standard (no original Schiit box) packaging without the Styrofoam, the product may move back and forth or fail to absorb the fall. This could result in parts coming loose or more serious damage. If a customer returns a product in the non-original box, Sonority is not responsible for damage in the shipment to us and the return shipment to the customer after the repair is done. It is the risk that the customer takes and is known with. We only recommend to use the original box with polystyrene foam. All damage and costs arising from damage during transport are at the expense and risk of the customer. By accepting these terms and conditions, the customer agrees that he can never claim any damage from Sonority.

In case a package is lost in shipment or delayed for any reason, we will let GLS or DHL make an inspection to find out what happened with the package. Once we receive note from the customer this investigation is started by shippingcompany within 1-2 workdays and than it will take expected 5-10 workdays to get an answer from shippingcompany. Customer has agreed to wait on this period before we can go ahead. We cant just refund the money without having feedback from the shipping company. If we refund any earlier than you might get the package after the refund or before  we confirmed we can ship a new package, you will receive 2 packages in case the package is found and still delivered at customers adress. With placing an order on our website you confirm with these General terms in the rare occasion a package is lost or stolen than this is the procedure we need to follow. At all times we will send a new package to the customer once its confirmed as lost or stolen. Only once customer ask for a refund and second packag is not send yet, we can refund you offcourse as well. In case we unfortunately ship the incorrect item, customer must let us know within 2 workdays after received the product, than we arrange return shipping. Once its returned we ship the correct item, we cant ship the correct item before its returned.

Shipping dates when shipped? Just click on the product pages and you see stock status mentioned under the price. What is expected stock? well there is simply no stock at the moment but we expect new stock at the date mentioned. Its not  a hard date you can derive rights from. Also the expected shipping dates are not guaranteed, we do our best to ship, but there can always be a delay when its busy. Do you want to wait when its on stock stock than you can do that also. In case we need to ask more information about your adress since its not clear to us what you filled in at the order, than the expected shipping dates are not valid anymore. In that case we need to wait on your information and after that we can book your shipment. For pre-order products (see stock status) we cant guarantee the availibility and shippingdates. At times we can also offer non-standard finishes such as a black finish or with a different tube. On these options you have to take into account that they cannot be guaranteed in any way. Pre order, We get a lot of questions if there can be placed an pre-order. If we open this, you must be aware that the expected date of shipment is not fixed and can be extended in case  production lasts longer than expected etc. On the website at product page itself the status will be uploaded. Customer can check on the product page for an update. Once we have a guaranteed date we will inform customers. An order will only be shipped once all products are available for shipment. Placing an order customer agree with this. When a order is placed and customer wants to cancel afterwards, there is a possibility the order is shipped yet, also customer must take in mind we have 3 workdays to answer emails. When an order is placed and shipped already, also in that case customer is responsible for the return shipment in case customer still wants to cancel the order. Refund is processed once the package is returned.

Shippingcost is calculated in checkout, for Islands please note we have to charge an additional 25 euro shippingcost after the order is made. This extra shipping free is not in any way refundable.

Instant online payments like Paypal, Giropay, Ideal etc, the order will be processed in most cases within 2 workdays. For standard banktransfers, there is a delay between banks and how fast the customer makes the banktransfer. Once we received it we need mostly 1 workday to process the payment and than we need 2 workdays as standard to ship your order, please be aware of this when you choose your preferred way of payment.

Returns & Replacements, Liability
All sales are covered under European Dutch Law, which means a customer can send back a product within a 2 weeks period. In this period, a so called cooling off period, the customer can request to send the product back. We advise to send the item back with insured packaging where upond delivery the receiver must sign for it. Van Sonority-Audio is not responsible for any lost packages or shipments that did not used the correct return adress as mentioned on the return form. In the so called cooling off period, a product can’t be used in a normal way (so use it for 2 weeks, but you can use it like you test it in a hifistore), since than the product is bought by the customer and there is no return possible. If a product is send back in the 2 weeks leadtime (from the day the product is delivered at the adress from the customer) Sonority-Audio will inspect the product. Any damages on the product will be deducted from the total amount which customer will receive back. If there are any damages or glue etc on it, than there will be send a report first to the customer. The refund to the customer will be done within 2 weeks after receiving the product.

Charges or shipping for sending products back in return are not covered unless Sonority-Audio will mention themself the cost are covered. When you have a return cost that is high, more than you paid for shippingcost when you ordered at our website than we advise to contact us. In case your returncost are covered (and also confirmed by Sonority) than we ask for a receipt of your shippingcost and we pay back the shippingcost on your account. In case you just send it without consulting Sonority and your product is indeed defective, we refund you the original shippingcost that we charged to ship you the product when you ordered it on our website. You need an Return form and authorisation to send items back, also you will get our adress in that case for shipping back. You can’t use the adress on our website or invoice. If you do, we are not reliable for any extra cost that comes out of this or when any shipment is lost. A sender is legally always responsible for the return shipment. In case its lost, damaged or not send to the correct adress we cant file a claim as receiver, that must always be done by the sender. 

In case a buyer wants to use our return options as provided in the return portal, we want to emphasize that the buyer is responsible for the return shipment. We only provide a service to use PostnlEays return or DPD. From the moment of transfer of possession (so at delivery from the order at customers house), the risk passes from the seller to the buyer. This means that the customer is now responsible for any damage or loss of the package when its shipped in return. PostNL easy return is no covered with insurance, so when customer choose this option and package is lost, its therefore the responsibility from the buyer. In case its lost and not covered with insurance, than the customer will loose his money. The customer is responsible to make sure the package is delivered. Customer can offcourse also use his own shipment company, like DHL, GLS UPS etc and is not obligated to use our service. Customer agree on the terms that customer is still responsible for the return shipment in case its lost when using our return service. We strongly recommend to use DPD shipment since that is covered with 500 euro insurance.

B2B, business to business order, so EX VAT order are not included within the internet consumer regulations for buying over the internet, because you choose to handle as company and not as consumer. When you ask for a return, Sonority decide to accept the return or not, when a return is accepted the shippingcost we had to make to ship it to your adress is not refunded, only the price for the product. B2B orders customer always pay shippingcost both ways (to us and returncost to customer adress), these shippingcost are the actual cost we have to pay and can be different than the shippingcost when placing an order on our website.

There is a 2 year legal warranty period for all products according to Dutch law. Dutch legislation also applies to any dispute that exists with the customer under warranty or any other situation.  In any dispute the court in The Netherlands The Hague is the designated court. For warranty issues you pay shipping to us and we pay shipping back (see remarks for shippingcost return), unless no fault is found. In that case you pay shipping both ways. Always send us an email first to get a return shipment for warranty issues. Warranty is 2 years but can be up to 5 years on parts for some specific products like Schiit Policy. Schiit USA decides if warranty for parts after 5 year is covered, if not covered Sonority is not liable for that decision, Sonority only covers the 2 year legal warranty and is liable for that only.  Warranty on repairs is 1 month.

Shipments to Sonority must always be sent by registered mail, so that if a package is delivered but not received, it can always be proven to which address it was actually delivered and who signed it. This is also in line with most conditions of the insurance of the transport of your package. If a package has not been received by us but tracking says its delivered, this can be used to check where the package has been delivered. A name/signature for receipt is therefore an official proof of receipt. If the customer chooses not to follow this, the damage or loss of the package is also for his or her account. Under no circumstances Sonority is liable for a package that would have been delivered according to the track and trace but was never received.

Products that are excluded to return within the 14 day legal cooling off period are installed upgrades that are done on second hand products and send by the customer to Sonority-Audio. This is upgrade is done on specifications of the buyer. We provide a service to the customer and the right of return policy is excluded. When customer order the upgrade service on this website customer agree with the direct delivery of this service and thus renounce the right of return policy. The consumer has declared to waive his right of termination once Sonority-Audio has fulfilled the agreement. In any case there can be a return (only on decision of Sonority), than customer is obligated to pay the shippingcost both ways (return to sonority and return to customer), Sonority-Audio will charge the actual shippingcost (which can be higher than the shippingcost we charged at the order), if you want to know these cost just contact us so we can inform you about the height of the shippingcost. Also Sonority-Audio will not refund the assembly cost that you choose with the order, only the upgrade parts will be refunded. Also Sonority will charge labourcost in case we have to remove the installed boards and install the old boards again.

If your country is not listed at our Return page or you are living Outside Europe’s VAT area are return is not accepted. With such shipments we needed to register an export outside Europe’s VAT area and we had to make extra costs and returns are not accepted. Returns from Swiss or Spain export Islands for example are no duties zone Europe. Offcourse customers are granted warranty on the products. The European right of withdrawal only applies to orders delivered in the 28 EU Member States. In case it is decided to accept a return, when you are not from an EU member state (always our decision since you have no legal right to return) then 15% costs of the purchase amount will be charged.

Innovative Analog Approaches for Schiit products
On the analog side, we’ve also taken innovative approaches, each uniquely designed for the task at hand. Even our least expensive headphone amplifier is essentially a miniature, fully discrete, DC coupled, current-feedback power amplifier. We’ve introduced the Continuity™ output stage to address the transconductance droop that is inherent in Class AB amplifier designs, developed unique balanced topologies like Nexus™ in Ragnarok 2, and created a seamless blend of tube and solid state with Coherence™in Lyr 3.

A design architecture that is as direct as possible for the audio signal. On the Schiit side, we’ve  take innovative and if possible  a design architecture that is as direct as possible for the audio signal, this approaches, are each uniquely designed for the task at hand. No unnecessary components will be added to the design that stands in the way of a signal that is as direct as possible. Even our least expensive headphone amplifier is essentially a miniature, fully discrete, DC coupled, current-feedback power amplifier.

Shipments that are send to Sonority and responsibility
Customer is always responsible for the return shipments such as standard returns within the 14 day cooling or when a customer send a product to us for repair or an ugrade. When we receive a package and we find out the product is damaged, we will report this asap and we will send pictures as well from the box and the damaged parts from the product itself to the customer. We also try to inform the shippingcompany when we see damage on the outer package when we accept the package. Most shippingcompany will not give a damage rapport from the driver so we can only mention this to the driver, since there is a special department at the carrier who will handle such claims. Sonority Audio Import can’t be held responsible in any way for accepting a package and when we open it, its damaged. The legal responsibility lies with the sender and you as contractor (sender) must inform the carrier about the damage.Therefore you as sender must than claim your damage at your shippingcompany. You can than already use our pictures we send you from the box and product to substantiate your claim. We will hold your package for maximum of 8 weeks so that the shippingcompany can inspect your package and product, to find out if the package is sufficient enough within the terms from the shippingcompany. When we dont hear any update from you as sender that the shippingcompany will inspect the product, we are not forced to keep your package in our warehouse more than 8 weeks after we send the email that the product is damaged at arrival. Customer (sender) is obligated to keep us informed that the claim has been submitted at the carrier and when the carrier will come and inspect the package at our facility. Normally a shippingcompany wil inspect the damaged package/product within 1-2 weeks. Sonority Audio Import takes no responsibility for these damaged products upon arrival. Full responsibility lies with the sender and sender has agreed on these terms when placing the order. We do, however, try to facilitate you where possible to substantiate your claim to the shippingcompany. Shipments to Sonority must always be sent by registered mail, so that if a package is delivered but not received, it can always be proven to which address it was actually delivered and who signed it. This is also in line with most conditions of the insurance of the transport of your package. If a package has not been received by us but tracking says its delivered, this can be used to check where the package has been delivered. A name/signature for receipt is therefore an official proof of receipt. If the customer chooses not to follow this, the damage or loss of the package is also for his or her account. Under no circumstances Sonority is liable for a package that would have been delivered according to the track and trace but was never received.

In case there is a damaged product that is delivered from customer to Sonority and the inspection will not took place within 4 weeks after we informed you and we are not informed when the inspection will take place. Sonority will charge 30 euro per week for the time its stored in our warehouse untill we have informed you that we put your product for waste processing for electronical products. Customer is responsible for his product and we are wiling to keep it without any additional cost in our warehouse to support your claim, but than we need to know about the progress of the claim. In case its not we are entitled to charge this amount and after 4 months to throw away the product without any liability.

B2B, business to business order, so EX VAT order on special request, are not included within the internet consumer regulations for buying over the internet, because you choose to handle as company and not as consumer. When you ask for a return, Sonority decide to accept the return or not, when a return is accepted the shippingcost we had to make to ship it to your adress is not refunded, only the price for the product. B2B orders customer always pay shippingcost both ways (to us and returncost to customer adress), these shippingcost are the actual cost we have to pay and can be different than the shippingcost when placing an order on our website.

We have the right to change the prices and supply, especially when this is necessary due to (legal) regulations. Also there is a possibility that due to market circumstances a product feature can be changed to the latest version, for example different DAC modules, so check the specifics text carefully at ordering which DAC card is used. 

An agreement is only final after we accepted the order placed by the buyer. We have the right to refuse or to attach certain conditions to the delivery, unless expressly stated otherwise. If an order is not acceptedthis will be stated within 5 days or later when you know a product is on backorder (than it depends on the fact we could deliver or not). All prices are mentioned before check-out and also mentioned including VAT and shippingcost.

When a product is ordered, we send it asap. We mention an expected shipping day, but we could also send it earlier (for example same day). In case a customer changes his mind, the customer has no immediate right to get a refund for the order if the product has already been sent. It is also possible that we have not yet read the email from the customer and the product has already been sent in the meantime. We have 2-3 workdays to read an email. We assume that before the customer places an order, he / she should carefully consider this. In our process we cannot take into account customers who change their mind within a few hours or 1 day and want to cancel the order already. The customer must ensure that the product is first returned to us, so that we can refund the customer with regard to the order. The customer agrees to this when placing an order on our website. So if the product is still on its way to the customer, the customer will have to wait for it to be delivered and than send it as return request to Sonority. Or refuse the deliver so that it will automatically return to us. The same is also applicable in case we missed your email and could not confirm the cancellation before shipping the order. We also dont want to send orders when customer dont want the order anymore, but we must ensure the product is not on its way to the customer, we refund you meanwhile and it will also be delivered. So for both parties must be ensured, customer cancell the order, we have the product in our possession and customer get a refund.

Sonority bear no responsibility for errors in text or photos and the customer can therefore not derive any rights from this. We do our utmost best to have the website updated with all the correct information.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions
The prices for the products and services are listed in Euros, including VAT. If there are shippingcost, this will be stated at the checkout, so a customer must agree before buying. All prices are subject to change. Payment must be made without discount or compensation prior to delivery or upon delivery of the goods , unless otherwise agreed in writing.Payment can be done with the following options as you see in checkout.

All orders will be shipped when payment is received. When payments will take too long to be received, 10 days or more, we will cancel the order. If the Buyer is in default with the payment of outstanding claims we will refuse any new orders as long the outstanding claim is still open. We are entitled to suspend or dissolve the agreement. We are entitled to make use of third parties in use in the collection of claims.

Shipments that are returned after acceptance the amount will be credited back usually within 5 working days but at the most within 14 days to the account of the buyer. Buyer agrees to that period when making a purchase on this website. This return payment shall also be applied in the case the customer decides to return his money back before shipment went out. The refund to a customer will be made back on the same way the customer paid. You cant send an new bankaccount unless the one on which you paid is deleted. For example when you pay with paypal the funds for refund will be made on your paypal account. Always in the same currency on which you paid us and the same amount on which you paid us. We are not reliable for any losses in this. In case we have to give a refund and a customer paid with another currency, we are not reliable for losses. We pay you back the same currency as we received and the same amount that we received. In case a paypal payment is choosen and a backorder is more than 60 days, we need to refund you within 60 days. We cant keep payments open longer than 60 days. if you pay through normal banktransfer, Ideal, Bancontact or Giropay than this is no problem and it can stay open longer and we can give you a refund at any time.

Viewing Orders
Customer can log-in with his private username and password. In the private area a customer can always see the status of the order and shipment.

Updating Account Information
Customer can log-in with his private username and password. In the private area a customer can change his personal data, such as name and adress.