Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are, we are the first and official Europe distributor (schiit-europe.com) and we supply all products with official warranty etc.
No, we ship insured and to a person who has to sign for it. Also packing stations are not possible.
No, this can be simply retrieved from the Tax agency's. Customers who say, "yes, but below a certain amount I pay no tax , etc". That's right, but the order must be a value less than 22 euros. In addition to 150 euros and you pay sales tax and over 150 euros will be used to pay customs duty.
No you don't. Since the products are already in the EU, you don't need to pay any taxes for import or duties, because we already paid them for you ;-)
Shipping is from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands Europe, so no duties to pay for you!!
Products are shipped for best prices we can provide, probably the lowest shipping you get in Europe for Schiit.....Shippingcost are calculated automatically in checkout. Shippingcost examples: Germany: 8 euro untill 400 euro order, above free shipping Denmark: 10 euro untill 350 euro order, above free shipping France: 15 euro untill 800 euro order, above free shipping Finland 15 euro flat rate shipping For Island shipping please contact us, like Spain or France Islands since shipping is calculuated directly through email. There is a flat rate shipping extra cost of 25 euro for Islands. 
We always try to answer within 24 hours, but if you dont hear anything after 3 workingdays, than send an email again. But please be patient, dont send an second email before this has expired. Its very busy sometimes and we do our best. Also please dont contact Schiit USA since they dont know anything about your order in case you have one open at our website.
The black products always come with matte grey knobs and buttons.  The silver knobs are only with the silver product.
Simply NO, because we can be brief about this, this is not the case , in fact you 're even cheaper in the event you could order directly. Below is an explanation : On the Shiit.com website indicates that taxes etc, must be paid for the account of the customer. Let me just take one example, the Magni and Modi: Schiit price 99 USD + 42 USD minimum postage = 130 euros (converted exchange rate 1.08) x 21 % VAT = 157 Euro (you also have to import duties which is different per country but between 10-15 euro) Schiit-europe.com price is 135 euros , so you can see that our price is not a Shit price but only a Schiit price ;-) and is 22 euro less expensive. In the above calculation, there is also no account of customs clearance and handling that you have to pay the postal or courier company since they will pay in advance the VAT etc for your account. Which ranges between 10 to 30 euros and thus has the advantage soon will be 37 to 50 euros total. The prices that we have put down are also guideline prices set by Schiit. Moreover, prices in other countries where a Schiite distributor is can be higher or perhaps a bit lower, due to local exchange rates and VAT.
Payments are available in checkout, from SEPA to online banking including paypal. We don't offer creditcard payments at the moment. EX VAT orders from Company, please don't choose paypal as option, we will reject this. Payments must be received in 14 days, after that order is cancelled, because stock is reserved for you unnecessarily.