Payment / Shipping

Payment / Shipping

Here you find some basic information about shipping. For specific shippingrates, best is to use checkout in shoppingbag since for most countries its based on the amount of order and weight of the order in total. Have questions contact us…

How can I pay you guys?

– electronic banking methods: IDEAL for Netherlands, Bancontact for Belgium and Giropay for Germany
– standard banktransfer yourself (choose banktransfer IBAN/BIC) and transfer the money to our bankdetails and mention the ordernumber
– paypal.

All orders will only be shipped when payment is received, see general terms. We will have soon new creditcard options.

Please note, orders must be paid within 14 days, after that payment reference is not open anymore and any payments are automatically refunded.

From where do you ship?
we ship from Netherlands (EUROPE) so products are within EU and if you live in EU you pay no extra cost like duties/taxes etc for import. so the price you pay on our website despite any shippingcost to your country is the total price.

How fast do you ship?
Just click on the product pages and you see stock status mentioned under the price. What is expected stock? well there is simply no stock at the moment but we expect new stock at the date mentioned. Its not  a hard date you can derive rights from. Also the expected shipping dates are not guaranteed, we do our best to ship, but there can always be a delay when its busy. Do you want to wait when its on stock stock than you can do that also. When customer choose standard banktransfer, the shipping dates can be later since we first need to receive the banktransfer on our bankaccount.

How do you ship?
In most cases we ship with GLS shipping, its a reliable shipping, tracked and insured with low prices.

How much does shipping cost?
We use the best and low shippingrates for Schiit products in Europe. You can see in checkout your actual cost befor the order is finished, so please see in checkout your actual shippingcost. We try to make the best rating as possible, but we cant ship any cheaper than what is mentioned in the checkout. Some country are shipped free of charge or very low price (depends on total order). For Island shipping please contact us, like Spain Islands since shipping is calculuated directly through email. There is a flat rate shipping extra cost of 25 euro for Islands.

My Country is not mentioned in checkout?
That is possible, please contact us for a shippingrate.

Can you offer EX VAT since I live in a country where I dont need to pay EU VAT?
yes we can, just contact us, than you receive invoice by email.

I want you to declare a lower value for customs when I live outside EU. Can you do that?
Um. No.
Will you mark the shipment as a gift or repair?

Not neccessary when you live in EU, products are within EU already so you dont need to pay taxes etc. for Shipments outside EU all shipments will be marked as merchandise with the full retail value as required by European and international law.

When I order 2 or more products and one is out of stock, do you ship in 2 or more shipments?
no we dont, we will wait and ship all together. If not please contact us before order.
Option pre-order on website means the product is not on stock for immediate delivery, but you can order it already. If you want to be the first to be delivered, the order must be paid within 1 week, otherwise it will be canceled again. A pre-order without an expected date means that there is no known date when the product arrives. If you find this annoying, we recommend not to place an order. We also request that you do not inquire weekly whether a date has already been set for new stock. As soon as a date is known, we will mention this on the product page. Pre-orders are processed on the date payment is received. If not enough stock arrives to fill all pre-orders, the unfilled back order will be placed higher on the list to be filled in the next batch.

If we put an expected date with the pre-order, it means The product is on backorder, and if you order now, we estimate we’ll be shipping your order in 3-4 weeks for example. Please note that “estimate” means “guess.” We guess wrong sometimes.