Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of questions if there can be placed an pre-order. If we opened this, you must be aware that the expected date of shipment is not fixed and can be extended in case  production lasts longer than expected etc. On the website at product page itself the most recent status will be uploaded. Customer can check on the product page for an update. Once we have a guaranteed date we try to inform customers. We will not send every few days an update therefore we change the status on our website (at product page itsef), customers can always send email to us and we are more than happy to give an update on their order.  An order will only be shipped once all products are available for shipment. Placing an order customer agree with this. If customer dont want to wait longer, just send an email that you want to cancel the order and get a refund, this is mostly done same day but max in 2-3 workdays.
We hear it more often: problems on the power network.. Isolate the Source of Interference: If possible, try to identify the source of the interference within your home or business. Electrical noise can be caused by malfunctioning appliances, electronic equipment, or even issues with your electrical wiring. Isolate and address any internal sources of interference. it is therefore also possible that solar panels cause problems on the power network that can affect audio equipment. Here are some potential problems that can occur: Electrical noise: Solar panels can generate electrical noise, especially during their operation at high power levels. This noise can spread through the power network and affect the audio components, resulting in audible noise or interference, or a hum in the power supply. (think of flashing lights, that is already visible) Voltage fluctuations: The operation of solar panels can lead to voltage fluctuations in the electricity network, especially when there are variable loads such as switching the solar panels on and off. Unstable or incorrect voltage can cause malfunctions in the operation of audio equipment. Ground loops: Solar panels can contribute to the development of ground loops in the electrical system. Ground loops can cause humming or other disturbances in audio equipment. Grounding and Bonding: Ensure that your electrical system is properly grounded and bonded. Proper grounding and bonding practices can help reduce the effects of electrical interference. To prevent or reduce these problems, consider the following measures: Use of power filters: Place power filters (for example mains filters or Power Conditioners) between the electricity mains and the audio components to reduce noise and voltage fluctuations. Consider the Ludic Kratos or Ludic Heimdall power filters. Separation of power circuits: Consider separating the power circuits used by the solar panels and audio equipment. This can be achieved by using separate groups or even separate electricity meters. Use of Galvanic Isolation: Galvanic isolators can help prevent ground loops by separating electrical signals and preventing unwanted currents from flowing through them. Electrical Panel Upgrade: If your home has an outdated electrical panel, it may struggle to handle the electrical demands of modern appliances and devices. Consider upgrading to a higher-capacity panel to address voltage problems. It is advisable to contact a qualified electrician or audio equipment specialist to investigate the problem and get advice on the best solution for your specific situation. They can evaluate the electrical installation, recommend suitable equipment and ensure everything is implemented correctly and safely.
Schiit price 99 USD + 42 USD minimum postage = 128 euros (converted exchange rate 1.10) x 21 % VAT = 155 Euro (you also have to import duties which is different per country but between 10-15 euro) Schiit-europe.com price is 129 euros , so you can see that our price is not a Shit price but only a Schiit price ;-)
If a product must be shipped back, like a wrong delivered product or where there is any other issue we always provide a return label so customer can drop it a parcelshop nearby. We always ask one or two options, most of time DPD or your national shippingcompany, so the parcelshop is nearby your home. Please note, no pick up at customers home is available.
If wear or damage has occurred to the product or its packaging and therefore declined in value, then we are entitled to offset the damage with the refunded amount. This damage must have arisen because the consumer has done more for the product than is needed to assess whether he wants to keep it and to check the main features. Unnecessary rupture or packaging is missing in the return.
Nederlandse klanten lees hier meer informatie: https://webwinkelrecht.nl/diensten/juridisch-advies/recht-van-retour-vanaf-13-juni/
You must always ask first approval from us to send an product back within 14 days after its delivered at your adress (B2B orders where we make ex vat orders dont have the 14 day return policy, all sales are final). In this case we know what to expect and can track it also, so an package is not lost. Also in some cases you are not allowed to send it back without to be sure there are cost that you have to pay and for which we want to be sure you agree in advance. See also more about this part in our General terms, if you dont follow this you have no rights to claim anything. After approval you will receive a return from, with the adress to send your package. After we receive the package we try to contact you within 5 workingdays in case something is missing or damaged. In case you have returned the products and all is in good condition we will return your money to your bankaccount within 2 weeks period. Please take in mind, you need first an confirmation before you send your product in return. Returns must be shipped within 2 weeks to the adress that you receive with return instructions after approval, otherwise you will need to ask again for return approval. If a package is lost and not delivered out our adress in the return instructions that you receive by email, the customer is fully responsible. Returning products should never been send to our PO Box. In case the product is defect at receiving your new product, we pay shippingcost for the return shipment when we also could objectively find out ourself its defect. In this case we ask proof of your shippingcost and pay this back on your account. For the height of shippingcost and that we pay that in case you have a valid return, please read our General terms on which procedure you have to follow to avoid high shippingcost for both parties. When you dont follow this, you will not be refunded all shippingcost you have to make. For damaged returns that are send by customer to us (returns, repairs or uprades) see our General terms and conditions). Also you can find more info for B2B orders.
Within Europe, that means country that dont need export documents. Country that are negoating EU about joining the European Union are not included.
You will get instructions once the order is placed. Customer pays the shipping on the order so he can benefit from our low price for shipping, that is for the return shipping once we are ready with the upgrade. Customer is also responsible for the shipment to send in your Bifrost, Gungnir, Yggy etc. We advise to use insured shipping and if available proper packaging (the original packaging is the best, like you received it at delivery from your order). Can you upgrade my product any sooner than 14 days? no, we dont guarantee that, since we have a que or repairs or upgrade and our tech guys are busy with this que first. We cant place you ahead of customers that were sooner than you.
In case your product is defect, please send us an email with your problem and your ordernumber and you receive instructions with the repair adress. Who pays shipping if I need warranty service? You pay shipping to us and we pay shipping back, unless no fault is found. In that case you pay shipping both ways. See more info our Returns/Warranty page.When you send a repair, we dont need official documents like invoice, cables or tubes. In case this is still send to us, than we are not reliable in case this will be missing.When you send a repair, we dont need official documents like invoice, cables or tubes. In case this is still send to us, than we are not reliable in case this will be missing.
You buy your product at Schiit-Europe.com and warranty is therefore settled in accordance with Dutch consumer law. Your benefit, not weeks lost and high costs to send and return from the USA if a defect might occur to your product. Sonority will handle your warranty issues.