Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver EU Euro 220-240V products that are used in Europe, so no USA or UK plugs. For products like Modi, Magni etc, where there is an adapter, you will receive offcourse an Euro adapter, so all products are ready and go for Europe network. If you are UK customer than contact your local distributor so you would be supplied UK versions.
An architecture that is direct as possible for the audio signal. On the Schiit side, we've take innovative and if possible a design architecture that is as direct as possible for the audio signal, this approaches, are each uniquely designed for the task at hand. No unnecessary components will be added to the design that stands in the way of a signal that is as direct as possible. Even our least expensive headphone amplifier is essentially a miniature, fully discrete, DC coupled, current-feedback pow

Just click on the product pages and you see stock status mentioned under the price and when we ship.

Can you combine 2 or more orders?
if you could order both, but forgot it than please contact us asap, so we try to change it. If not, than shipping is paid for two packages and that is fair because we also ship 2 packages.


Can you wait shipping my order to combine with out of stock product?
NO, we ship our orders asap once they placed. We dont wait for products that are out of stock, because we dont have a date for the new stock (it could take weeks before there is new stock). If you want to avoid double shippingcost than please wait untill all the desired products are on stock


When to expect new if its sold out?
we expect new stock at the date mentioned, so you can order today but shipping is scheduled on the date that is mentioned. Its not  a hard date you can derive rights from. Also the expected shipping dates are not guaranteed, we do our best to ship, but there can always be a delay when its busy.


In case an order could be placed, but its not on stock yet, will you ship partial order?
No, an order will only be shipped once all products are available for shipment.


Paying with standard banktransfer and shipping schedule?
When customer choose standard banktransfer, the shipping dates can be later since we first need to receive the banktransfer on our bankaccount. The bankpayment needs to be processed within 10 workdays after customer placed the order. No payment received than we need to cancel the order.

We ship it 2-3 workdays after the bank confirmation.
Yes when you place order you get a confirmation. In case you will not see it, please check your spamfilter, perhaps its in your unwanted emailmap. If not please contact us with your name and what you ordered so we can send a copy to you. With Banktransfer IBAN/BIC (bankuberweising) you pay yourself the money through your bank and need to mention the ordernumber from the orderconfirmation.
Simply our prices are not higher, in fact in some cases our prices are lower than Schiit.com. The prices on Schiit.com are for countries where there is no distributor. A customer from such a country needs transportation to their country of origin and customs clearance rights and pay their own taxes. In countries where there is a Schiit distributor, these costs are already covered. Just see the calculation for one of the products as example below. For a calculation that our prices are not higher please look further below.