Remote-Control Preamps and Stereo/Mono Power Amp Help Bring Sanity Back to High-End Pricing

10/7/2016, Denver, Colorado. Schiit previewed the first products in its 2-channel line at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, including the Saga passive/tube hybrid preamp at $349, the Freya balanced tube/buffer/passive preamp at $699, and the Vidar 100W/400W stereo/mono power amplifier at $699. All products were designed as no-compromise high-end components, using design techniques and topologies typically seen on much more expensive gear.

“It’s time to decouple the high-end/high-price connection,” said Jason Stoddard, co-founder of Schiit Audio. “There’s plenty of mega-price gear out there, but we wanted to create great products that almost anyone can afford.”

At the same time, Stoddard says, they didn’t want to compromise on the performance of the components. Which is why the preamplifiers use extreme high-end design techniques such as relay-switched stepped attenuators (rather than a volume control IC or a potentiometer), and employ highly linear 6SN7-type tubes on 200 or 300V rails in the active stages. It’s why the power amp was designed to double its rated power from 8 ohms to 4 ohms, why it uses an exotic current-feedback topology, why it has no capacitors or DC servos in the signal path, and why it is dual mono back to the transformer. The amplifier also employs a 100% linear power supply (no switchers) and is class A/B (not Class D.)

“These new preamps and power amp are the perfect companions to our line of multibit DACs,” said Mike Moffat. “Combine them with any of the DACs—from the Modi Multibit to the Yggdrasil—and you have a really amazing system, without the heart-attack price.”

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