Some small stock update 3


Some small stock update 3

First stock Magni, Modi, Heresy is now coming to Europe. Its a very small number, so we will send a small batch of customers an notification that its available for them to order. 

Please respect that at this time we are not able to send everyone a message that it is generally available on the website. As a result, 95% of customers will miss out and have to register again. As soon as larger numbers stock arrive, we will send everyone an stock notification at the same time. We expect new numbers for these 3 models following very soon.

Schiit is in the middle of the most significant production expansion ever undertaken with a new facility to build more smaller models like Magni/Modi etc and will give some more space on the current production line. This frees up huge resources in California, both in terms of space and the ability to create production teams that can build the larger products more effectively.  Of course Schiit still have to deal with the Covid19 restrictions, but this should allow Schiit to meet higher demand soon.

Please accept our apologies. We would like to be able to supply you with everything you want, but it’s going to take a while longer before that can happen. We dont have a specific date yet to share with you but we hope we can deliver in a few weeks some first stock that will become available. If you want a notification for new stock just subscribe you on the product page of your desired product and once its on stock you will receive a notification on your email.

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